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What is Constipation? Pet Saffa Constipation Churna

Constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in passing stools and bowel movement. Most of the time actual cause of constipation is unknown, but you know when you have it. It happens when there is irregularity or less than three bowel movements in a week.
Cause of Constipation can be depends on individual’s health and lifestyle. Normal bowel movement can be three times a day to three times a week. In case of constipation, stools are generally dry, hard and small in size as compared to normal. Individual can easily determine constipation, when bowel movements are difficult to pass and happen less frequently.

Causes of Occasional Constipation

The causes of occasional constipation can be varied from person to person. Some common causes of constipation include travel, diet, lack of exercise, stress, or any other changes in your daily routine that can affect your digestive system. Sometimes constipation can be caused simply by a slower digestive system. In today's busy world, causes of constipation can be difficult to avoid such as stress, lack of exercise and healthy diet. In a daily busy schedule, it is easy to resist the urge to go to the toilet. Sometimes you miss the opportunity entirely which cause unfortunate result. Resisting urges and postponing a bowel movement may actually contribute to irregularity in bowel movement. Age factor also play a key role in constipation. 70% of people with older age are suffering from constipation problem due to change in their diet. Medication and various other therapies can also be a reason behind constipation problem.

How to Get Relieve From Constipation with Ayurvedic Churna?

To get relieve from constipation, first step is to identifying and targeting the symptoms of constipation. Secondly select a right laxative for you which is free from adversity and doesn’t cause addiction. Right laxative can help to provide you relieve from constipation.

How to Select a Best Constipation churna?

People mostly use constipation tablets and capsules containing harsh chemicals. Most of them cause side-effects such as bloating, gas build up, urgency, incomplete bowel movements etc. For a healthy body and to get a relief from constipation, complementary and alternative medicine are one of the best option. Ayurvedic proprietary medicine “Pet Saffa Ayurvedic constipation churna helps to uproot the root cause of constipation. It don’t cause any type of adversity and side-effects such as gas buildup, bloating, urgency and incomplete bowel movement.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose Ayurvedic constipation powder:

1. Instead of relieving from the symptoms of a constipation, Ayurvedic constipation powder’s main focus is to provide a relief from root cause of the problem.
2. Ayurveda takes a complete view of the human body in consideration when treating a health problem. Ayurvedic Pet saffa constipation powder is the unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs which works in synergistic manner to pacify the vitiated body balance.
3. Ayurvedic system is truly believes the statement that ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is why it gives more focus on addressing an issue by scrutinizing its root cause which helps to protect the entire system.
4. Since ages, Ayurveda has helped people to achieve hearty body, blissful soul and serene mind. It is the only form of medicine that deals with all these aspects of the health.
5. It doesn’t cause any adversity and side-effects and doesn’t cause addiction. Pet saffa Constipation powder is easy to use and doesn’t form pasting in mouth.

Where Can I buy Constipation Churna Pet Saffa?

Pet Saffa Constipation Churna is available in multiple outlets in India. You can easily buy them on your nearby medical store. If it is not available on your nearby store then feel free to call us at our helpline number. You can also buy Pet saffa Natural Constipation Churna on our website i.e.; “ www.petsaffa.com ” or on our online store “ www.divisastore.com/petsaffa ” . For more info call us: 0171-3055233

How to Use Constipation Churna Pet Saffa?

Take 5 to 10 Gms of churna in the spoon and ingest it with luke warm water before going to bed or to be taken as prescribed by physician.

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